IT services and SAP solutions management

The CCE performs the functions of support service, contract administration, coordination of requests for software revision/modification, information management, service planning

On December 20, 2016, the initial trust agreement No. 630-i was signed.

Agreement No. 122 of December 30, 2015, provides for the obligation of the Fund to create and ensure the functioning of the SAP Client Expertise Center.

Since the beginning of 2017, the composition of the CCE has been formed to perform the following functions:
  • Support Service. Formation and operation of the support service with a sufficient number of support consultants on the basis and applications, with a work schedule that meets the standard working hours of this region (at least an 8-hour working day five days a week (Monday to Friday)). Support processes and qualifications of the Customer’s personnel will be comprehensively evaluated within the framework of service planning and certification audit procedures.
  • Contract Administration. Interaction with SAP as part of the contract and within the framework of the use of licenses (control measurement of the system, billing for maintenance, commercial processing of applications for software updates, management of basic user data and installation data).
  • Coordination of requests for software revision/modification. Collection and coordination of requests from the Customer and/or its subsidiaries, provided that these enterprises have the right to use the Software in accordance with the Contract. In this direction, the Customer’s СCE should also function as an interface with the Operator and SAP Kazakhstan LLP with the authority to take all necessary measures and decisions to avoid software modifications unnecessarily and should ensure that the planned modifications are consistent with the software strategies and SAP releases. The Customer CСE must also coordinate the functional requirements for the Customer’s modifications and provision of information. Localization Activity.
  • Information Management. Dissemination of information (internal presentations, informational events and marketing campaigns, etc.) about the Customer’s software and CCE within the Customer’s organization.
  • Service Planning. The customer regularly plans services in cooperation with the Operator and SAP Kazakhstan LLP. Service planning begins during the initial implementation period and continues on a regular basis.
  • Project management. Coordination of the projects for SAP implementation in the Fund’s Group of Companies.
  • Architectural consulting. Assessment of the quality of the current and target architecture of the SAP landscape.

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